12 October 2009

Mind Feed

BLOG, it has been around us for many years. These days the BLOG becomes more and more popular and lots of people, bloggers, have their blogs.

I decided to get one too, and start for my first post today. I do not much like writing things down last time, I just love to read only. But somehow, I read a book and got an great idea from it and from then I started writing things down. This simple and easy habit help to free up my mind. Once my mind is free from those loads, I can add more concepts and thoughts.

I used to write down in notebook (paper book). Today computers are so advanced and much easier to use than earlier days. It is quite comfortable to write things down even online; something like this nice blog website. With online blogging, we don't need to worry about losing data, hopefully.

As the tile Mind Feed, this blog is to share some knowledge which I read and understand from books. We all accept that our mind is at least 50% (or even much more %) important for our lives; the other 50% or less is our physical body. We feed our body at least an hour a day or even more. How much time do we take to feed our mind? Do we really care?